With picturesque views of the Cascade Mountains, Vancouver, WA lies on the north bank of the Columbia River in Clark County.  When Lewis and Clark passed through the area in the 1800s, they deemed it the “only desired situation for settlement west of the Rocky Mountains.”  Known as the southern gateway to Washington State, Vancouver sits directly across from Portland, OR.  In fact, many of Vancouver’s residents commute to the metropolis of Portland.

The progressive city of Vancouver has experienced rapid expansion over the past few years.  Several regional and corporate headquarters, high-tech manufacturers, traditional industries, and small businesses call Vancouver and its surrounding areas home. 

With hiking and biking trails, skiing, or whitewater rafting, and the Pacific Ocean just 90 miles to the west, there is never a shortage of activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

Finding the right home can be frustrating.  Whether you are an experienced investor or are a first-time buyer, I can help you find the perfect property.  I am not only a real estate agent, but a member of the community as well.  To find out more about buying or selling in Vancouver, please contact me today.          


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